Specialist Classes

Puppy Classes

This course provides puppies with early training and socialisation, helping your new puppy develop into a happy and well behaved companion.
We run small friendly classes, where your pup will be happy and relaxed and soon learn that puppy school is fun.
At Allsorts we understand that puppies will progress at different rates and have different abilities, we never force puppies to do anything they are not happy with and never use any forceful methods of training.
We encourage the whole family to come along to classes, and welcome junior handlers.

Our training venues provide a safe clean and warm environment for your puppies to work in.
We also have outside enclosed facilities for when the weather permits.

Progression Classes

For those of you who have completed their puppy course and want to continue with their training our progression course is available. On this course we work on the basics already learnt.

We work on further socialisation and we believe this is one of the most important parts of raising a happy confident dog. At Allsorts we want everyone to have a dog they can be proud of and one they can take anywhere.